A comprehensive Portal for your Transfer Pricing needs

Our Global Transfer Pricing Management Platform provides a comprehensive solution to organize and manage your worldwide transfer pricing documentation and efficiently perform your annual updates.

TransPortal provides a central platform to collect data, consolidate research and analysis and collaborate with colleagues across the globe. It comes complete with transfer pricing project management tools, including data collection templates, progress tracking and communication. TransPortal is fully customizable to align with your global transfer pricing objectives and processes. We include additional value-add modules to enable companies to track their global intangible property, collect financial data, perform cost allocation studies and facilitate compliance.

Core Users

Getting Started with TransPortal

Three core modules that can be customized to address your needs.

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All in one Dashboard

TransPortal's easy to use dashboard provides visibility on the team's progress to update Master File and
Local Files.


Prepare your organization for audits by aligning your transfer pricing documentation update process with your audit readiness plan with support from transfer pricing specialists.


Create personalized reports that provide insights on the status of your global transfer pricing.


Get full visibility of all your legal entities whether active or inactive.


Comparative Analysis of current year and previous year data with powerful visualization tools.


Risk Assessment

Assess your risk by tracking documentation requirements and identify outliers

Automated Data Collection

Automate data collection from various data sources including ERPs.

Intercompany Agreements

A centralized repository of all your Intercompany Agreements that can be tracked by various filter options enabling you to upload & download them

Intangible Property Management

Track and ensure that allocation of returns from exploiting intangibles is aligned with value creation (DEMPE Functions) and risks.

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